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Unique Character card
Release: December 3rd, 2021
Unique Character Card
‍‍Release: October2021


Each NFT Release comes with five Tiers in order of rarity. Rarer NFTs include more features.

The percentage indicates how many NFTs of that tier will ever exist in the Release.


“気づいてます? 私の『シグナル』っていうワイツ名、ソウルデータの『成瀬しぐれ』の頭文字から来てるんですよ!え? 日本の読み方なら正しくは「なるしぐ」だって? ノンノンノン。あたしはアメリカ人でもあったので、『しぐなる』でも no problem!”


“『ザイトガイスト・アドミンズ』の人事部は常に人手不足で…だから新人のオリエンテーションやるのも一苦労なんですよ? I belong on the streets! In the bad sectors! Kicking ass and taking names! ...Wait... why would you take names?”


“はぁ…オリエンテーションの準備、疲れたなぁ。…って、この疲れやすい体質も、自分で選んだんですけどね。だって『人間』は疲れる生き物だったらしいですよ?ソウルデータの『Shigure Naruse』も、体力のない『人』だったみたいだしこの方がキャラが立つと思うんです!”


“あたしの核には『アメリカ』と『日本』と呼ばれていた国…両国の性質が色こく反映されています。I'm not sure what that's suppose to mean but 大事にしたいソウルデータなんです。”

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Web App is available only PC.





The era of humanity is over. Data lives on. Welcome to Zeitgeist.
Introducing you to the world of Zeitgeist is Signal.
  • Signal NFT Drop




A Wight is born.
Signal welcomes the newest Wight to the Admins.
  • Signal Unique Skill: Signal Boost
  • "Ichimi" NFT Drop
  • "Ichimi" Unique Skill: "Spirit Sprite"
  • Each "Ichimi" NFT card is algorithmically generated and unique




Q1 2023
  • 3D AR Ichimi NFT Airdrop
    - Holders of Ichimi and Signal NFTs shall get an airdrop of a 3D version of
    Ichimi that's interactable in Augmented Reality
  • Third Character NFT Drop
    - Holders of Ichimi and Signal NFTs shall be able to purchase this NFT at a discounted price
  • Third Character's Unique Skill
  • Each NFT card is algorithmically generated and unique




Q3 2023
  • Playable early-access game introduction featuring Signal and Ichimi
    - Project Wights is an active battle role-playing game with
    visual novel storytelling elements
    - Everyone, including non-NFT holders, will be able to play the early-access game introduction
  • Introduction to Zeitgeist and Combat System
  • NFT Utility
    - Skins - Players with NFTs will be able to use their NFTs
    to select their skins for all characters in the game
    - Community-driven Story: The decisions you make in Story Mode will be counted
    as a vote for the overall progression of the Project Wights Story. Votes are weighted
    by how many character NFTs you hold at the time of your first vote. You can only
    vote once!




H1 2024
  • Fourth Character NFT Drop
    - Holders of Ichimi and Signal NFTs shall be able to purchase this NFT at a discounted price
  • New Character Unique Skill
  • Each NFT card is algorithmically generated and unique
  • Game Updates
    - New character Introductions
    - Next chapter to the story
  • NFT Utility
    - First Edition Game Key NFTs: To access new chapters of the game beyond the demo,
    players must own a Project Wights Character NFT or a Game Key NFT in their wallet
    - Quantum Whale Mode: Use your NFTs to play the hardcore version of the story game mode,
    where each NFT counts towards your abilities. Become a Legend of Zeitgeist!
*Roadmap details are subject to changes


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Simply put, an NFT can be thought of as a unique and traceable record of purchase for a digital product. In an age where digital products can be reproduced almost infinitely, NFTs allow for limited quantities of a digital product to be distributed, regardless of how frequently it is reproduced afterwards.

With respect to artwork, NFTs reintroduce the idea of “original” products. A physical painting can be recreated over and over by other artists, but it is generally accepted that the original artist’s product is unique because it is original, and there is value to its uniqueness. Reproductions can be visibly indistinguishable and therefore offer an identical visual experience, but they are not the same as the original painting.

This concept is lost in the digital realm, where visually identical reproductions cannot be distinguished from the original. There is no way to tell whether a digital file is the original one, because no such mechanism exists.

The function of NFTs is to create a list of records that indicate the original owners of the digital product. Buying NFTs can be thought of as an artist drawing a limited quantity of original paintings, or a celebrity putting a signature on a limited number of posters, and customers purchasing those products. Every time an NFT is given to another owner (including the original purchase), the transaction leaves a permanent record, creating an unbroken chain of transactions that can be traced to an original. The owners of the NFTs can demonstrate through the records that they are the ones who purchased from the original supply. The content of the NFT can then be reproduced infinitely because it is digital, but the records will still identify the current owners of the original supply.

The list of records that NFTs create exists permanently on the blockchain.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain can be thought of as the master list of records for all transactions using a certain network or technology. Every time a transaction occurs in the network, it logs a record to the blockchain of sender and receiver (or buyer and purchaser). For all items in the network, its respective chain of transactions is always traceable, so it is possible to verify the authenticity of a digital product by checking its initial transaction (determine whether it was one purchased from the original supply). This ensures original digital products do not lose their value due to an inability to distinguish them from reproductions. In other words, it allows for customers to buy unique digital products that maintain their uniqueness over time despite the existence of visually identical reproductions.

Buying an NFT from Project Wights requires the use of ADA.

What is ADA?

ADA is the cryptocurrency used in the Cardano network. It can be thought of as a digital form of money, like US dollars or Japanese yen, except it works through mathematical encryption and a permanent record of traceable transactions through the blockchain instead of the traditional system of bills, coins, and banks.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is the name of the blockchain used by Project Wights. Transactions in the blockchain network uses ADA as its cryptocurrency. It is currently (as of September 2021) the third largest cryptocurrency blockchain. Cardano uses Proof of Stake as its protocol, making it far more energy-efficient than Proof of Work. For more information on Cardano and Proof of Stake, please see links to other resources below.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency can be thought of as a digital currency that does not work through banks. Instead it works through a permanent record (blockchain) of all transactions ever performed using the cryptocurrency.

When using normal currency, either bills and coins (physical representation of money) are traded, acting as the record of money changing hands, or a bank (trusted organization) creates a record of the transaction. Cryptocurrency does not use physical representations of money (no bills or coins). Instead, it simply keeps a permanent, traceable record of all transactions performed. Whenever there is doubt as to whether a user has enough cryptocurrency for a transaction, the full record of all transactions can be traced from the beginning to determine the amount of cryptocurrency currently owned by the user.

This master record of all transactions is constantly growing (because new transactions are always being made), and the validity of new transactions is constantly being verified by a large number of servers all around the world.

Cryptocurrencies operate in a decentralized fashion, meaning no main server has total control over the master record. Instead, all users participate autonomously (the computer does all the work) in constantly verifying the validity of the master record, so any small number of malicious actors trying to alter the record will be overwhelmed by the vast majority of users maintaining a truthful record. During each transaction, the program handling the transaction will select the current version of the master record agreed by the vast majority of users to be truthful as the one to use.

How do I buy your NFT?

Buying an NFT will require the use of cryptocurrency. Project Wights operates on the Cardano blockchain platform, so the cryptocurrency ADA will be required. When an NFT sale has begun, clicking the [Buy] button on this page will reveal an address to which ADA can be sent. Sending the required amount of ADA there will automatically trigger an NFT to be delivered to you.

Please note that the exact amount of ADA must be sent to trigger the transaction. Incorrect amounts sent to the correct address will be refunded after an NFT sale.

Please note that ADA must be sent from one of the following Cardano wallets: Yoroi, Daedalus, AdaLite, Nami. Do not send ADA from an exchange.

What is a Wallet?

A wallet is a program used to store cryptocurrency and perform transactions. It can be thought of, quite literally, like a wallet. There are many cryptocurrency wallets available, some with the ability to handle multiple different types of cryptocurrencies, but for Project Wights, we ask that you use one of the Cardano-specific wallets (Yoroi, Daedalus, AdaLite, Nami, CCWallet) to send your ADA.

How do I get ADA into my wallet?

ADA can be purchased from a cryptocurrency exchange using either other cryptocurrencies or normal currency. There are many exchanges available. Some of the popular exchanges include:

Many of these sites have guides to help with setting up an account and purchasing cryptocurrency. They may allow users to hold cryptocurrencies in their accounts, but to purchase NFTs from Project Wights, please transfer the ADA to your own Cardano-specific wallet (Yoroi, Daedalus, AdaLite, Nami), and send the ADA from the wallet.

Note that all exchanges should have a method of transferring ADA out of the account, but the process may be called different names (send, withdraw, transfer, etc).

Below are YouTube videos to help with get started with some popular exchanges. Note that we do not endorse or are affiliated with any of these exchanges and are only providing these guides for convenience.

Coinbase Tutorial For Beginners 2021

Coinbase Review & Tutorial 2021: Beginners Guide on How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin

Beginners Guide to Binance Exchange Tutorial 2021: How to Trade Crypto

Binance Tutorial For Beginners 2021

Kraken Exchange Review & Tutorial: Beginners Guide to Trading Crypto

Kraken Tutorial For Beginners 2021 - Trade Cryptocurrency On Kraken


Project Wights is an NFT project on the Cardano blockchain featuring art direction by Japanese creators.

Each purchase of an NFT will generate a random product. The probability of each product being generated differs based on rarity. Try your luck at obtaining the rarest ones!

An NFT is like a limited edition digital collector's card with a hidden signature to prove it's uniquely yours. As Project Wights grows and evolves, your card might have more uses in the future!

Follow Project Wights and its evolving story in Zeitgeist.

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Wights Team

Cardano SPO
Unity Developer
EN/JP Translation
Unity Developer
Creative Director
Hare Konatsu
Art Design Lead

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